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A 3-acre private park for use by Whisper Rock Estates owners and their guests. The park includes a half court basketball court, 2 sunken tennis courts, a BBQ ramada, and a recreational sized turf area. While owners are welcome to use the park for small gatherings, parties, etc., it cannot be formally reserved for private use. The park is open from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Use may be limited from time to time with respect to maintenance operations and overseeding and/or grow-in of turf. In addition, the park may be temporarily closed from time to time after large rain events due to planned/expected flooding of the turf area.

An approximately 2,500 square foot fitness facility including a workout area, locker rooms with day lockers and shower facilities, an “order-in” treatment room for massage, and a lounge area with tv and full kitchen. The fitness facility also includes a lap-sized, heated swimming pool and heated spa. The Fitness Facility is open from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The facility cannot be reserved for private classes or meetings at this time. Click for Fitness Facility Rules and Regulations. All users of the Fitness Facility are required to maintain a waiver on file prior to use. Click for Fitness Facility Waiver.


There are approximately 5 miles of trails adjacent to and through Whisper Rock. An 8 foot wide, meandering granite path exists outside of community walls along project boundaries for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. An unimproved wash bottom trail traverses the neighborhood from northwest to southeast within Whisper Rock’s large natural wash and is intended for hiking and equestrian use. Whisper Rock’s trails are required to be a part of a larger City of Scottsdale regional trails system, and thus, are available for public use. Public use of the internal wash bottom trail is limited to the boundaries of the wash bottom only and any breech of this policy should be immediately reported to the Gate Staff. Click City of Scottsdale Trails System for additional information.

There are 4 small “Green Parks” conveniently located throughout the neighborhood. These parks consist of a small turf area and enhanced desert landscaping. The parks are intended for casual use such as picnics, reading, playing with pets (always pick up after your pet!), etc. Green Parks are not available to be reserved at this time.