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The community features 1,380 homes tastefully set on the 823-acre property with 21 original floor plans ranging in size from 1,385 to 3,800 square feet.  Home prices range from $350,000 to more than $1 million.  Yearly home sales average three to seven percent of the total – well below the average annual turnover for the area.  The full-time security staff manages access to the community and patrols the area around the clock. 

Home ownership includes much more than four walls.  Automatic membership to Terravita’s Community Association (TCA) and Country Club (TCC) helps to build amazing friendships from day one.   Plus, Terravita Golf Club (TGC), a separate community amenity, offers full-membership options available to all residents as well as a limited number of non-residents.  All three (Community Association, Country Club and Golf Club) are self-sufficient and financially strong.  Homeowner membership includes both the Terravita Community Association (TCA) and Terravita Country Club (TCC). 
Reasonable guidelines, Southwest architecture and native landscaping beautifies the community while protecting estate values and the overall integrity of the surrounding grounds.  Features such as Terravita’s spectacular sightlines will always be there for residents to enjoy.  As a “dark sky community,” light pollution is kept to a minimum resulting in a nightly celestial show that lights up the desert sky.