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Desert Highlands, from its inception, was destined to become one of the most naturally beautiful, environmentally sensitive, private residential club communities anywhere. Desert Highlands caters to the lifestyle requirements of modern, active families, providing opportunities for beautiful, comfortable homes in a dramatically scenic, natural and secure environment, with abundant recreational and related facilities and opportunities.

The Sonoran Desert where Desert Highlands is located is unique amongst all of the deserts in the world because of the abundance and variety of the plant and animal life that thrive in its environs. The sensitively planned 850 acres that comprise Desert Highlands are especially unusual by virtue of being located directly on the south slope that rises up to the top of Pinnacle Peak, which is the most prominent landmark formation in the whole region.

The concept for Desert Highlands, and its design philosophy, evolved out of comprehensive studies that included all important environmental aspects, geological conditions, soils, slopes, hydrology, vegetation and wildlife, integrated with visual observations made throughout the site. The driving objective of this arduous work was to achieve a subtle blending of people, structures, the existing desert and the highly varied terrain into a uniquely distinguished, harmonious, aesthetically uplifting residential community that has been the recipient of various Architectural and Design Awards.

All recreational facilities and structures were designed and sited to assure the preservation of beautiful desert, mountain and city light views. Streets were located to accommodate the terrain and to require as little disruption of the natural desert as possible.

With similar care, the boundaries and the areas designated for building on all lots were individually designed and adjusted for the preservation of boulder formations, rock outcroppings and desert vegetation, and to provide optimum views and exposures for the homes to be built on each site.

To maintain the integrity of the Desert Highlands concept and design philosophy, strict design standards were developed and formally published under the title of Design Guidelines. Over time, these guidelines have been refined and improved through experience. Having arisen out of the fragile Sonoran Desert environment and its climate, the Guidelines provide direction to Members in the enhancement of their Desert Highlands aesthetic experience, and ensure the harmonious compatibility of the architecture and landscaping of Desert Highlands Residences.

That meticulous care in planning, coupled with strong attention to quality and detail throughout the design and development stages, provide the opportunity for Desert Highlands to be forever in the forefront of all truly distinguished American Communities.