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The definition of a World Class Community is one where the views are superb, the climate is sunny and warm, the restaurants provide a variety of delicious fare, there are plenty of top flight art, music, wine, and culinary events, there’s at least one good library, fabulous golf courses, the sunsets are magnificent, and the people are warm, friendly and pleased to share their community with people from around the world and……where there is a true sense of place.

This is the definition of our Boulders Community. Some residents are retired from corporate positions, some are entrepreneurs…some come from the rarified world of private jets and second or third homes. Others are just good people who enjoy living in Carefree where a small town atmosphere still thrives.

Life in the Boulders is an enviable one. People here are a combination of an uber-intellectual and the boy/girl next door, but the connectivity is obvious. When you drive our roads and see people walking they’ll wave like they’ve known you forever, and the small town of Carefree with its other-worldly charm and its unlikely street names, like Easy Street, and the intersection of Ho and Hum Streets will make you smile.

The Boulders and the Carefree Community strike a balance between the wildness of the huge billions-of-years-old boulder formations and the animals like the bob cats, coyotes and javelina that claim it as their territory, and the order that the Community has brought to a once Wild West location. Our Community is surrounded by the Continental Mountains to the North, Black Mountain to the West and the McDowell Mountains to the East. They provide a filigreed vision of a slice of life that we hope to preserve. We like to think that the Boulders Community provides a flicker of grace in an increasingly graceless world.

The little town of Cave Creek just down the road, lives-up to its slogan Where the Wild West Lives. It is a diverse fusion of folksy, funky, lusty and rambunctious. If you take lunch at the Grotto Café, you might see a couple of cowboys ride their horses up, tie them to a tree and stop for a bite to eat in the courtyard.

But the best thing about the Boulders Community is the unspoken obligation of care in the friendships we make and have maintained over time. Some people are here year-round while others spend the winters here and head back East or up North for the Summer. Regardless, you can count on the snowbirds returning in the Fall shrugging off the drowsiness of Summer….ready for house or block parties and the festivities of Fall and Winter in the Carefree Town Center.

We welcome newcomers and hope you’ll join us in the wonderful activities that are available and that you’ll help us keep the Boulders a World Class Community.